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Cleaning & Janitorial(2)
2. Dynamic Forms
4. Risk Assessment
8. Marinas
7. Hospitality
5. Job Scheduling
6. Cleaning & Janitorial
3. Forms Report (Chinese)
1.  Guard Patrol & Inspection
9. Pools & Aquatic Centres
10. Arenas
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12. Manufacturing & Production

Product Features and Benefits

Guard Patrol and

Workforce Management

The powerful TourTrax Mobile Application suite is designed for the Guarding and Workforce management industry.

Static Patrol

Start and End Tours based on specified Checkpoints and Patrol

Schedule, use for traditional Guard Patrol.

Dynamic Patrol

Start and End Tours anytime with or without predefined

Checkpoints, use for Mobile Patrol, Supervisor Checks and Site


Action List

User-defined Questionnaire for Mobile user to fill in with

Yes/No answers.  It is triggered by reading of Checkpoint/Assets tag which is associated with the Action List.

Dynamic Forms

More powerful and flexible than Action List, this function allows user to design forms with:

- Yes/No questions

- Radio buttons (single choice)

- Checkbox (multiple choices)

- Drop down list (predefined answers)

- GPS Locations

- Photo taking

- Grids for data entry (such as meter taking)

- and much more.....

No more waiting for developers to Program or Modify custom

forms for your workforce, hence no more“EXTRA”charges.

Dynamic Form triggers by reading

Checkpoint/Asset or Manually retrieve

in Mobile.

Dynamic Form can be associated to a Checkpoint/Asset

which is automatically triggered when a Checkpoints/Assets tag

is read

Dynamic Forms can also be called up on Mobile manually by user at anytime during Patrol.

Auto Email Reports

Through the Auto Email feature, Patrol Reports, Incidents Report,

Timesheets and Compliance Reports can be preset to email

automatically in to predefined recipient(s) at specific time on a Daily,Weekly, or Monthly basis.


Real time Alarms for Missed Checkpoint, Missed Check Call

(Tele-protect) are sent to Dashboard as well as emailed to

predefined recipient(s).

GPS location

Track the “last-known” locations of your employees and the paths

they take when they perform Tours.

Check Call (Tele-Protect)

"Check Call" feature prompts worker for designated PIN or

Duress code to ensure their safety and alertness.


Monitor the time spent by workers as they visit and leave the

premises of each property. This information can be used for billing/HR purposes.

Message Broadcast

The Messaging system allows you to send messages

directly to a mobile user’s phone-and receive

acknowledgement when they are received and read.

Checkpoint Compliance

In addition to regular Patrol reports, user can track single or multiple checkpoints to see how frequent they are visited within a day, week or month and receive reports based on compliance expectations.