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Product Videos

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1.TelMe Introduction
2.WorkMonitor Introduction.mp4
3.Book on using TelMe.mp4
4.Book on using CallTaker.mp4
5.Book on Manually using WorkMonitor.mp4
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7.Employee Data - Full Details.mp4
8.File an Incident using TelMe.mp4
Product Features & Benefits
Scheduling with Ease:
By Post, Shift, Events

Manage large workforce with simple to use

Scheduling function.

Create your own RULES - Who can work When,

Where and How long. PeopleHours even suggests "best fit" to match Staff against Posts based on

availability, costs and skills.

Tele-Protect Schedule by Location

Graphically design your Tele-Protect Schedule by Location.

Once defined, Call Schedule is Pushed to the Mobile phones of all staff scheduled for that Location and Shifts.

Control Room Real-time Monitor

Real-time Monitoring allows you to monitor and alert staff lateness and non-attendance.

The data provides accurate time-sheet information which can be passed to payroll, billing and management reporting systems.

6 Different Schedule views

User can switch among 6 different views to

navigate staff

schedule according to their needs:

View by Location:

    - Day by Post,

    - Post by Day,

    - Employee by Day

View by Employee Monthly

View by Filter - UnAllocated, Unconfirmed,

Missed, Incident etc.

Employee Vetting

Visual calendar to facilitate the multi-steps Vetting process as required by law. Call history, Task reminder, Document uploads.  We also offer professional Vetting services on a per employee basis at a fraction of "your" time and cost.

Pay &Billing Integration

with 3rd Party Accounting Software

PH produces Pay and Bill reports using Scheduled or Actual

times recorded.  Integrates with existing accounting system such as QuickBooks & Sage.

TelMe APP  to book ON/OFF,

Tele-protect, Incident Report

Android/IOS smartphone APP for staff to call IN/OUT, Tele-Protect with GPS Capture. Next scheduled duty countdown timer to Book ON/OFF or Tele-Protect.  Incident Reporting with Photo taking.

TelMe APP to  Check Schedule, Holiday

Employee check Work Schedule , Holidays taken and


TelMe APP to check Messages,

Uniform and Equipment issued,


Employee check Messages, Uniform and Equipment issued,

Qualifications on record.