Product Features and Benefits

Name Card scanning

Scan business card to facilitate input of Visitor information.

Contractor Permit Validation

Check license based on work type / project.

Contractor License requirement &


Check license based on work type / project.

Request Entry Authorization


Define by Venue or by Host whether Entry Authorization is required.

User defined Entry/Exit Documents

Define by Venue or by Host the required Entry / Exit Documents.

Project / Contractor Management

Web based module provides cross site

(Regional) management of projects and contractors.

Black & White List for Visitor and Contractor

Black and White list of Guest and Contractor to alert staff.

Geofencing alerts Visitor to

Sign In/Out

Geofencing feature alerts visitor to Sign IN / OUT when arriving / leaving site and return loan items.

Emergency Evacuation Notification

Alerts visitors of emergency evacuation and also produce a list of visitors for the Fire Warden or Police Superintendent.

Loan / Store Items

Manage Loan or Store items and deposits for visitors.

Scramble Encrypted QR Code

Using Scramble encrypted QR Code technology which refreshes the QR code itself, VMS solves the problem of unauthorized replication of IC card and QR code, making it more secure than the traditional RFID technology.e Encr

Kiosk mode to achieve un-

manned operation

Self- served Kiosk integration with Access Control and Video Intercom to achieve Unmanned operation.

Access Control integration

For sites with Access Control, VMS uses the most advanced Dynamic QR Code technology to integrate into existing Door, Turnstile and Elevator Control, providing solution for unauthorized replication of QR code and control access by date/time and number of access.

Emergency Entry Authorization in case of Power and

Communication failure

Add-on Application which allows Facility to provide limited Entry Authorization when no Power and Communication is available, e.g. In case of natural disaster such as storm , earth quake or civil unrest.